Your Story


We hope that experiencing Art AIDS America will inspire you to tell your own story of living with HIV/AIDS or losing someone close to you to this devastating illness.

The Alphawood Gallery is proud to be working with StoryCorps, an award-winning global platform for listening, connecting, and sharing stories of the human experience. The StoryCorps app and were designed to make it easy and enjoyable to record your story to share with others or not, as you choose.

The StoryCorps app—a free mobile application—seamlessly walks users through an interview. You will receive help preparing questions, finding the right environment for your conversation, recording a high-quality interview on your mobile device, sharing the finished product with friends and family, and uploading your conversation to the website.

You can download and use the app anywhere. We also hope you will visit the StoryCorps room on the second floor of the Art AIDS America Chicago exhibition and tell your story. StoryCorps also has a permanent recording booth located at Chicago’s Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St. You can learn more about making a reservation to use that booth here. Finally, a StoryCorps team will be present in the exhibition’s StoryCorps room on several occasions during the four months that Art AIDS America will be on view. You can contact us at 773-687-7676 or for more information about those sessions. We look forward to seeing you.


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